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Prometheus Lighters

R e m o v a b l e G a s T a n k L i g h t e rs

Transformer Released in 2008
Perfect for Ai r Travel * Eas y to Repair and Refill
U. S . and International Patent Pending

Finally - a lighter that's safe for travel
I'm picky about cigar smoking.With the responsibilities of running my business and taking care of my family, I don't to enjoy a good cigar as often as I'd like.That's why I only smoke the best such as God of Fire.And it's why I only light my cigars with a torch lighter.To me, and to a lot of other cigar lovers, other kinds of lighters spoil the taste.

When the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) banned the carrying of butane lighters on planes a few years ago, it made traveling less enjoyable for me. I could still take my favorite cigars with me, but I couldn't light them the right way. I tried buying disposable lighters after I landed, but the flame they put out spoiled the taste of
my cigars. I tried using matches, but those gave my cigars an even worse taste. I got to the point where on a lot of trips, I wouldn't even bother taking cigars.And I'll admit it-I even tried bringing a lighter through security, but the TSA confiscated it.

But now I have a torch lighter I can carry with me everywhere I go: The Transformer and Traveler lighters by Prometheus.They are the only torch lighters the TSA can never take away-even if I bring them on the plane in my briefcase.

The Transformer and Traveler separate into three parts: the top, the tank, and the tank cover. It's 100 percent legal to carry them on the plane with me. Prometheus has received the clearance letter from the Department of Transportation. Before I put the Traveler in my briefcase, I disassemble it and put it into the carrying cases which came with the lighter. (Just pull it apart-you don't need tools.) I've traveled all over the U.S.with it,and to several foreign countries, and the security guys never even took a second look at it. Once disassembled, they are just metal pieces.

I can drain the fuel and put the tank in my briefcase. But what I usually do is drain the fuel and put the tank in my check-in luggage,and keep the top and bottom parts of the Traveler (separated) in my briefcase where I know they'll be safe.
I also got a couple of spare tanks so I don't have to worry about running out of fuel.At a trade show a few months ago, I invited a couple of clients and employees to my hotel balcony for drinks and cigars. Some of the guys had their own cigars, but I was the only one with a lighter.They couldn't believe I was able to bring a lighter with me on a business trip.Of course,with so many cigar smokers using the same lighter, it ran out of fuel. I just
pulled another tank from my suitcase, popped it in,and in a matter of 30 seconds,we were back in business.

I was talking the other day with Hollywood director Paul Feig, who also has a Traveler."It's a communal thing, being able to pull out a good lighter and pass it around the table," he
told me."It's great to be able to do that even when I'm traveling." He kept raving about the look and feel of it, too."It's like having a James Bond gadget," he said."It's fun just to click it on and off. I appreciate anything that's mechanically perfect. Even if I can't smoke at the time, I like just having it in my pocket to remind me that I'll get a chance to smoke eventually."

I'm with him on that. If you travel, you really need to check
out the Traveler-or the Transformer, the other removable tank lighter that Prometheus makes. Either one will make your business trips and vacations a lot more enjoyable.
Timothy J.
Los Angeles, California.
The Transformer comes in three models branded with the Prometheus God of Fire livery, available in two chrome finishes and one in black lacquer.Priced at $199 as seen above.
Transformer in gunmetal finish              Transfomer in barley finish
The Transformer line is available in six smooth finsishes for $85 and four etched palladium-plated finishes priced at $125. The Transformer X features the same palladium-plated, etched finishes with the cutter, priced at $150.

The Prometheus Legend Series:

The Prometheus brand started as a premium lighter brand. They invented the
lighter with built-in punch cutter.U.S. Patent 6,298,856 & 6,732,741 and launched its first
limited edition humidor in 1996. 100 of the 2002 FFOX humidors ($10,000.00) sold
out in 7 days.

The Founder and CEO, Keith K. Park, launched God of Fire cigars with the
Fuentes in 2004. Invented the first lighter with removable gas tank in
2006. Worldwide patent pending.

The Prometheus Legend Lighters were introduced in 1999 and has been one of
our all-time bestsellers. Now,we have equipped the Legend with triple torch
flames. The Legend continues! Legend Triple Flames $99.00 triple torch flame, jet turbo without built-in punch cutter, wind-resistant made in Korea, new for 2008.
The LegendX is the same lighter but with the built-in punch cutter and sells for $125.