In order to offer the best possible online experience, Cigar Weekly encourages our members and family to participate with us in several different Online Social Communities:

At the center of our community, we offer an interactive Forum/Bulletin Board where our thousands of members have accumulated a tremendous amount of cigar knowlege and information, and where relaxed and friendly exchange is encouraged.

Our Facebook page connects us to our friends in that community.  Here we micro blog about events and the lifestyle of cigar smokers, share quick comments and insights, and exchange related mutimedia content like photos and videos.

Cigar Weekly on Twitter keeps us connected on the go.  Our members use Twitter to micro blog about news and activities in the cigar industry and keep each other up to date on current happenings.

Cigar Weekly is more than just a web-based magazine and Forum/BB.

We encourage you join in the fun and join us on our other social networking sites! Below you can read some our recent tweets:

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