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There are many places to buy cigars on the Internet and we urge caution. Always try to buy from websites that are recommended by someone you trust. We make every effort to associate with advertisers that have good reputations, but we cannot guarantee that the cigars you buy will be satisfactory. The transaction is between you and the vendor. Also, Cigar Weekly is an international site with members all over the world. We do not advocate that our members break the laws of any country. If you are doing this, you are on your own.

Cuban Cigars



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Wholesale Prices: Free shipping worldwide: Customized cigar combinations of 25 or more to your specification: Extensive cigar information/news: Weekly specials at unbeatable prices.

Finest Cuban Cigars

Finest Cuban Cigars

Shipped with great care directly to you - anywhere in the world - from tax-free Hong Kong


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