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Feel free to add a new location to the WTS Database. Please be sure to check that the location has not already been entered into the system. Duplicate entries will be deleted. Only enter locations that you have visited recently and are confident that the information you are providing is accurate. People will likely be using the information you enter to plan trips and are relying upon accuracy.

If you add a Web Site Link for the location it must be a fully qualified url. I.e. it must have the http:// part at the begining.

State/Province fields must be entered as their postal abbreviation. Locations in the USA must have 'USA' as the country. Not US, or United States, or anything else. Just USA. Nor periods, nothing. Failure to comply with the formatting guidelines listed here will result in the location being deleted.

Fields in red are required fields.

The Directions field is an optional bit of information describing the location. This can be as detailed as complete driving directions from a known landmark or as simple as a mention that it is inside one. It would help to include a note about parking.

The description field should contain a brief desription of the location. For example "Stingers is a bar and grill where the WAC&SG meets every Wednesday. The food ranges from good to excellent, with a pretty good bar. A couple of couches are set up near the big screen TV. The bulletin board in the bathroom always has funny stuff on it. Sunday morning brunch features 'make-your-own' bloody marys."

HTML code is not permitted in any fields.

Suggestions for new attributes or other comments should be sent to

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State/Province: Other:
Zip/Postal Code:
Web Site Link:
Restaurant (The location serves food restaurant style)
Bar (The location is a bar/pub)
Store (The location is a store)
Casino (The location is a casino)
Humidor (Has a humidor with cigars for sale)
Live Music (The location features live music)
Sports (The location shows sports on television)
Ventilation (The location has ventilation)
Restricted Area (Cigar Smoking is limited to a restricted area)
Cuban Cigars (Has Cuban cigars available)
Gambling (The location has gambling)
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